Going To The Beach With A Baby.

Last week we took Tom to the beach for the first time.

I am not really a “beach person” actually (something to do with the fact that I AM THE PALEST PERSON ALIVE!) but I was super excited about this trip because I was taking my baby to the beach. I loved going to the beach as a kid and I couldn’t wait to share the experience with Tom.

Of course, as with everything involving my child, I had no idea what I was doing.

There are quite a few differences between going to the beach with your best friends for a weekend and going to the beach with your baby for a week.

Quite. A. Few.


1. You don’t need to take a book with you to the actual beach. You will not read it. You won’t even glance at it. You will be building sandcastles and watching your child wave and say “Bye-Bye!” to the little shell animals that bury themselves in the sand. I can’t even believe you thought about bringing a book down there! Crazy.

2. Even though your child is scared of the ocean the first day, that gives you no right to take him down to the beach the second day with just clothes and no swim trunks. By yourself. Because that is the day he will run to the ocean, arms outstretched, and sit in it. For hours. Good going, mom!

3. Seeing the swimming pool used to mean that it was time to relax. No. That’s not what it means. It means you will spend 45 minutes trying to get your child to stop clawing onto you for dear life before he lets you sit him on the top step. And after 20 minutes of that, he may let you force him into a float. For about 5 minutes. Then he just wants to get out and sit in the decorative flowers surrounding the place. For some strange reason, even though you don’t feel relaxed, getting him into that float feels AWESOME!

Maybe he’s mad because his float is pink.

4. No long walks on the beach. Well, they’re long. But you don’t make it very far.

5. Tom loves to make new friends. Especially if they are 80+ years old women. LOVES them. Like, he may run up to them and touch them while they’re laying out. (Which means I now run on the beach, which is something I don’t think I ever did before.)

6. I took more naps on this trip than I ever took on a girl’s weekend trip. Tom took a nap, I took a nap. LOVE!

7. Collecting shells and putting them in a bucket is fun.

8. We chose restaurants based on the fact one had a playground on the beach and the other had an airplane-theme.

9. I was scared of the balcony. Even though there was no way Tom could fit in between the rails, I was still scared to death of him being out there. Mainly because he kept sticking his foot through the slats. Stinker.

10. We watched the sunset. And we all waved “Bye-Bye!” to it.

We had a really great time. It took me about 3 days to figure out Tom’s beach schedule and once I had it down pat…it was time to go. *sigh* But it was a delightful time and showing Tom everything at the beach was even better than I imagined. Can’t wait to go back! (Maybe tomorrow?! Please?!)

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3 Responses to Going To The Beach With A Baby.

  1. Jen says:

    Awww, how fun!
    For the record, I believe you are the second palest person alive.

  2. Robyn says:

    Beach + naps = awesome vacation.

  3. Kaye Smith says:

    Now that was a fun trip – for both of us. Loved it – pictures and comments.

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