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{Almost} Wordless Wednesday.

What is Tom doing? Is he… a) Hiding because he got in trouble. b) Showing his mom how long the back of his hair is getting. He’s not a girl, Mom! c) Kissing his elephant, dog and bird. d) Playing … Continue reading

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We’ve Been Doing A Little…Finger Painting.

Doug: I’ve been…I’ve been doing a little figure skating. Drunk guy: Finger painting?! (Name that movie.) Yesterday, I decided it was time for Tom and I to try…finger painting. I decided it because… 1. I am insane. 2. I am: … Continue reading

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Bits: Hanging Around The House Edition.

We had no plans this weekend. It was wonderful. Wanna see? I’m cheating. This is from Thursday. But aren’t cousins playing together cute?! I thought so, too. Gus. Still cute. I wanted a train table for Tom + I didn’t … Continue reading

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Cherishing This Time.

When I first became Tom’s mother I was scared. I had no idea what to do. I had never even really held a baby before. I certainly hadn’t picked one up! I hadn’t changed one. I’d never tried to calm … Continue reading

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{Not At All} Wordless Wednesday.

Tom’s been doing some funny things lately, so I couldn’t decide on just one. I could decide on just four, though! In no particular order, but numbered… 1. Tom fell in the couch. Not off. Not on. In. In the … Continue reading

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My sister had her baby boy yesterday! This is him… Gus. Augustus Milo. Gus Gus. I love Gus. He weighed in at 9 pounds, 10 ounces. Fat Gus. Plump Gus. Healthy Gus. This is Gus with his Daddy… Melt-your-heart-Gus. Sweet … Continue reading

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Bits: Birthday Party and Father’s Day Edition.

I know, I know! I’m late for a very important date! I have excuses. Tons of them. Tons. One of them is 9 pounds, 10 ounces. But we can talk more about him later. This weekend we went to a … Continue reading

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Happy Father’s Day.

I have a wonderful Dad. Among the many things that make my father a great one, I count the fact that he didn’t let me fall flat on my face on my wedding day when I tripped walking up the … Continue reading

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{Almost} Wordless Wednesday.

You know what’s cool about Tom’s new splash pad? Everything.

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Opposite Blog.

So yesterday Tom and I met a couple of friends at their pool. They both happen to read my blog, so they knew that Tom wasn’t the most confident of pool babies. My friend, Victoria, even bought Tom a Thomas … Continue reading

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