Matilda’s {Red Balloon} 2nd Birthday Party.

My sister and her husband threw my niece, Matilda, the most adorable of 2nd birthday parties this weekend!

Rachel chose a “red balloon” theme and everything she did to incorporate that theme was quite amazing.

It was super cute and Matilda had a great time with all of her little friends!

Rachel made the invites. Inside it said, “Another year floated by, in the blink of an eye. Up, up and away. It’s Matilda’s 2nd Birthday!”

Balloons lining the walk.

I made a birthday balloon wreath using only red ones.

The backyard was turned into party central.

The kiddos showing off their artistic abilities.

The happy family!

Rach made the “Happy Birthday Matilda” banner. Cuteness!

Twelve months of Matilda!

Rach made this book. Guests were asked to write down a memory of Matilda from the past year and then to write her a message. I wrote about how Matilda LOVES ME BEST!

Gift bags had bubbles and a (red) punch balloon.

A station for the kids (and ME!) to color “Matilda is 2” balloons!

Food table!

Rach made the super cute cupcake toppers! And here’s a fact for you: Every child, no matter how young they are, knows the word “cupcake!”

Cherry tomatoes on top of toothpicks on top of sandwiches to look like red balloons! Really, Rachel? Ohmygoshsocute.

Opening presents with friends.

My child trying to creep up on Matilda’s birthday cupcake.

This is Matilda’s smile. It’s a big one. Because that’s what she does when she has SO MUCH FUN at her birthday party!

Happy Birthday to my sweet niece! LOVE!

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