Hi and Bye.


Tom and I went to the grocery store today.

It was like any normal trip to the grocery store for us with two major exceptions.

1. I was wearing crap. I’m in the middle of a laundry marathon because I’ve been too busy reading (trashy romance) novels instead of doing laundry, so today was the day I had no clothes so I wore some workout pants (which I own just cause) and a plain ol’ tank top. I don’t usually look like a model at the grocery store or anything, but I usually wear something that’s not so I-could-sleep-in-this.

(And sometimes I look like a model.)


2. This was the day that Tom decided to wave and yell “Hi!” and “Bye!” to every person we saw. And some unoccupied vehicles in the parking lot. And one trash can.

And here is what I learned from this experience:

People are nice.

(At least at my grocery store they are. It would suck to live in a mean grocery store area.)

Every, single person stopped and waved “Hi” and “Bye” back to Tom. Almost everyone said more to us than that, assuming (correctly) that Tom wanted to start an actual conversation with them.

He spoke to people in the parking lot, in the aisles, the sushi-making guys, the bakery gal who gave him a cookie (he REALLY liked her), and he even startled a baby out of crying.

He was the center of his own little grocery store parade.

It was the cutest thing ever.

And it turned a hum-drum chore into a happy memory.

And he made me (mostly) forget that I was carrying on these conversations with people while looking like crap.

And while I was thinking that, Tom gave my car keys to the bag boy.

(Who nicely returned them. I bet because Tom had charmed him with his Hi’s and Bye’s earlier.)


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2 Responses to Hi and Bye.

  1. Victoria says:

    Love him!!! You must be a fantastic mom to have such a wonderful little boy!

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