Back To Onesies.

Recently I have bought Tom quite a few completely adorable shirt and short sets.

They all involve some cute little image on the shirt that matches a pair of plaid shorts.

I love the plaid shorts.

Although, more than once, I have not correctly matched the plaid shorts with the plaid on the tops.

I just pretend it’s a new and awesome fad.

(Mismatching plaids?! SO cool!)

In addition to these outfits, I also have quite a few new pajama sets for Tom.

I love them.

The cute little pajama pants with the cute little tops on my cute little baby. Cuteness!

(Cute, cute, cute. So there.)

So what’s the problem?

(Cause you know there is one, or else I wouldn’t be writing this.)

How can I put this delicately?



This child would happily walk around ALL DAY with his hands in his pants.

Playing with trucks?

Hand in the pants.

Watching a cartoon?

Hand in the pants.

Playing outside in the SANDBOX?

Hand in the pants.

Going to sleep?

Hand in the pants.

I know this is normal. I know because I’ve read about it and even though I read it I asked my pediatrician and she assured me he is normal. (Mostly.)

But good grief! It’s a constant thing right now.

I began thinking that maybe, at first, he was just curious. But now I almost think he does it out of habit.

Either way, it’s a problem.

Because do you know what happens when a baby puts his hands in his pants as he goes to sleep?

He “redirects” himself to pee all over himself.

Not in the diaper.

On himself.

You know what happens when that happens?

He cries! At 2 a.m.! Because, gross!

Messing with my sleep? Back to onesies!!

Goodbye cute outfits! Goodbye cute pajamas!

Tom is back in onesies.

Of course, I only have like five of them because I only bought cute, matching 2-piece outfits for this season, but that’s okay.

I don’t mind Tom wearing the same onesies over and over if it means that he and I aren’t soaked in urine.

As a general rule, I’ll do pretty much anything so Tom and I aren’t soaked in urine.

I should have that sentence needlepointed onto a pillow.

It would look good in Tom’s room.

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5 Responses to Back To Onesies.

  1. Lisa says:

    Lmbo! I love your blog kate it makes me grin!

  2. Yhis is good to know – I had no idea…. LOL

  3. Robyn says:

    I agree with your plan to do anything to avoid being soaked in urine. Gross. And yes, I hear this is normal. Boys.

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