Bits: Change Of Plans Edition.

Sorry I’m a day late posting! My days are just getting away from me!

(I’m lame.)

This past weekend we had plans to do a camping trip with friends, but their daughter became very ill so we didn’t end up doing that.

We instead spent Saturday running errands (me) and cutting down the rest of a fallen tree in our backyard (Kevin.)

It was thrilling!

And then we had friends over for a cookout. (Which actually was thrilling.)

And then Sunday I remembered that I do this blog and I had no photos to show for it, so I started taking pictures randomly.

And that’s what I have to show you.

(You’re welcome.)

Kev really, REALLY wanted to buy this thing for Tom. He claimed Tom “loved it.” I don’t know about all that, but I do know that I’m a moron who can’t even figure out a) what it is or b) how to work it.

Concentrating on playing with it. He takes after Daddy because he figured it out.

Tom got cuter.

And he welcomed me into his home. Such a sweetheart!

Hope you guys have a good week! LOVE!

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