Opposite Blog.

So yesterday Tom and I met a couple of friends at their pool.

They both happen to read my blog, so they knew that Tom wasn’t the most confident of pool babies.

My friend, Victoria, even bought Tom a Thomas the Train bath toy so he would have something to play with in the pool to make him like it more.

They both watched with anticipation as I got in the pool with my (as stated) petrified-of-the-pool baby.

And guess what?

He loved it.

(Of course!)

He smiled! He splashed! He kicked! He laughed!

Tom loves to make a liar out of me.

And then I realized that I had just posted that video (proof!) that Tom didn’t like the Thomas the Train song.

But now?

He pushes that button on purpose over and over again because he LOVES it!

And I told my friend the other day that Tom loved chicken nuggets from Ikea, but not nuggets from anywhere else — including (gasp) Chick-fil-A!

So what did he have for lunch today?

Chick-fil-A nuggets!

Apparently if I say something about Tom’s likes/dislikes out loud or on this blog, the opposite will almost immediately come true.

So with that said…

Tom and I are really happy it’s been SO hot lately. We hope it gets HOTTER!

I really hope Tom never sleeps until 7 a.m.!

I hope Tom continues to hate all fruits and veggies! For-EV-er!

I hope dropping Tom’s nighttime bottle feeding is a NIGHTMARE!

Tom really, really doesn’t want to randomly win $1,000,000. He told me so.

Take that, smartie!

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3 Responses to Opposite Blog.

  1. Robyn says:

    Ok, I stand by my ruling that Tom looks like Kevin… but the face he’s making in that last picture is allll Kate. 🙂

    Do comments on your blog follow the “opposite blog” rule as well? If so, I hope we never have dinner on a regular basis or go shopping together ever again. LOVE!

  2. Victoria says:

    hehe – Tom was such a happy boy in the pool!! I loved it!! I think he was showing off for her girls

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