Happy Father’s Day.

I have a wonderful Dad.

Among the many things that make my father a great one, I count the fact that he didn’t let me fall flat on my face on my wedding day when I tripped walking up the stairs as one of the main ones.

I mean, that’s a Daddy who took his escorting duties very seriously.

Another fun fact?

My Dad can’t wear any jewelry or else he breaks out in a rash.

No wedding band.

No watch.

When I couldn’t wear my wedding band for the same reason, my father — in all seriousness — said, “I’m sorry, you got that from me. That’s my fault.”

(He’s lucky I love him so much, so I let it slide.)

My dad is a sweet, kind, honest and wonderful person.

And he makes a really good PawPaw to Tom, too.

With such a wonderful example for a dad, I was expecting a lot from my husband on the father-front.

I expected him to be funny, happy, honest, kind, loving and helpful.

And he hasn’t let Tom or I down.

He’s always ready to take Tom on a “boys only” trip to Lowe’s. Or the computer store. Or the barbeque restaurant down the street.

He’s always ready to get on the floor and play trucks, trains or planes with Tom.

And get this: Kev gets up with Tom on Saturdays.

That’s right.

I. Sleep. In.

(Awesome, right?! I KNOW!)

And this man is a wonderful human Dad for Huck, too. The. Best.

In the evenings when I announce “Daddy’s home!” Tom and Huck run to the door with joy and anxiously await him to come in.

And Kevin come in and immediately drops everything to be Tom’s favorite playmate. And Huck’s best friend.

I have a wonderful father. Tom and Huck have a wonderful father.

And that makes me a very lucky daughter and mother.

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2 Responses to Happy Father’s Day.

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  2. Robyn says:

    very sweet post. Happy Father’s Day Kevin!

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