{Not At All} Wordless Wednesday.

Tom’s been doing some funny things lately, so I couldn’t decide on just one.

I could decide on just four, though!

In no particular order, but numbered…

1. Tom fell in the couch. Not off. Not on.


In the couch.

He likes to climb to the top of the couch like Huck does. Except, unlike Huck, he likes to drive his matchbox cars on the sill.

This particular time, he slid down in between the back of the couch and the cushion, so only his head and arms were showing.

Falling in the couch didn’t stop his sill driving, either.

2. His imagination is working!

Tom loves this dog his Uncle Kyle bought him. Loves it.

So much so that he found Huck’s food dish, and let his dog “eat” out of it.

Complete with smacking sounds.

And Tom’s dog didn’t leave any dog food bits lying about for a certain little toddler to pick up and eat!

I love Tom’s dog.

3. Sticking tongues out at fans!

We put a stand fan temporarily in Tom’s room because our upstairs AC went out.

Tom loved it.

Loved sticking his tongue at it.

Loved trying to touch it, only to be denied by his mother.

Loved standing naked in front of it after his bath.

Dog better watch out. Tom may love stand fan more.

4. Ahhhhhh!

I don’t know what my crazy kid is doing here, but I think this perfectly shows why he’s so easy to love.

What a cute little weirdo.

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2 Responses to {Not At All} Wordless Wednesday.

  1. Victoria says:

    I love him feeding the dog! What a big boy – such a precious development.

  2. Robyn says:

    I love those towels with the hood! And I love how his little mind is growing. Adorable.

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