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Consignment Sale Hell.

I went to my very first consignment sale yesterday. I was very excited about it. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been at a friend’s house, and after admiring an awesome toy, they’ve said, “Oh, I got that … Continue reading

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I Always Have Fun With My Sister.

Yesterday, Tom and I went out to visit my sister. When we got home, Kev said, “Did you have fun?” Me: “Yes!” Kev: “What’d you do?” Me: “Well, Gus was having a cranky morning, so I took him outside and … Continue reading

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A Few Of His Favorite Things At The Aquarium.

We went to the Georgia Aquarium again yesterday. Which means I have quite a few shots like this… To share with you today! But first I must tell you Tom’s favorite things about the Georgia Aquarium. In no particular order… … Continue reading

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Bits: Fun, Family Weekend Edition.

This weekend we celebrated my brother-in-law’s birthday by descending on his house, forcing him to cook us some amazing burgers, and then we let Tom wreck their living room. It was a blast! (I’m sure Kyle will agree.) Here’s how … Continue reading

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Big Haircut.

I took Tom to get his first haircut yesterday. I’d been putting it off for weeks. (An entire month if we’re being honest.) His hair was falling in his eyes, and more than once I thought, “I need a barrette!” … Continue reading

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I Still Thank You.

A year ago, we were in the hospital with 5-month-old Tom because he suffered a pretty major blood loss during the night. We knew it because he woke up covered in blood. His sheets were covered in blood. We would … Continue reading

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{Almost} Wordless Wednesday.

Tom loves slides. Usually.

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