You know how most parents think their kid is amazing because he does something lame like…roll over?

And how you’re sometimes thinking, “That’s it? He just rolled over? So!”

(Cause in this imaginary scenario, you are mean.)

I am that parent.

Tom is amazing! He is a genius!

And I know one day he is going to be somebody great because of how smart, clever, imaginative and AWESOME he is right now.

What makes him so awe-inspiring these days?

Well, he can now string two words together. Like…”Blue truck.” And “Bye-Bye truck.” And anything relating to trucks.

He is super imaginative and can turn a stick, a group of blocks and a plate of green beans into a train. Complete with “choo-choo” noises.

And he is particular about what he deems worthy to be train tracks for these trains.

Usually it’s gutters or the edging around flower beds, but he’s been known to branch out and use whatever’s available.

You know why?

He’s a GENIUS!

I’m telling you, a future rocket scientist (or race car driver) or future doctor (or train conductor) is in our midst!

I am totally one of those parents who thinks everything he learns, everything he imagines, everything he does is a complete miracle.

You know why?

It totally is!

(So stop being mean about it.)

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2 Responses to He’s A GENIUS!

  1. Robyn says:

    I would never be mean about it! Plus, you know he’s going to have your writing skills and Kevin’s love of learning. Of course he’s a genius!

  2. Victoria says:

    He is a total genius! He is my gold standard for Maxine.

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