Teeney Tiny Tom Tales.

The other day Tom decided to get into our cabinet under the kitchen sink.

It used to a have a childproof lock on it, but it got broken. By me.

(Apparently, I’m very strong and/or dumb about figuring out childproof locks.)

I thought for sure he’d immediately go for the poisonous dishwashing detergent, but he surprised me by going for a trash bag.

He pulled it out of the box, closed the cabinet, shook the trash bag as if he were opening it, and then he placed it in the trashcan.

My 1-year-old was changing my trash bag for me!

I knew having a kid was a good idea.


I’ve been working on teaching Tom to say “please.” Mainly in relation to him asking for help.

(You know, instead of WHINING about it.)

So now when his trains disconnect, he will say “peese.”

It’s much nicer. And he’s been doing great with it.

So great, in fact, here is a conversation we had this week:

Me: “Tom, what do bees say?”

Tom: “Peese.”

Me: “Yes, they probably do.”


My mom taught Tom to cup his hands around his mouth and call “Mama!”

But what he usually does is slap his hands on his face and call “Mama!”

Oh, and he doesn’t do it when he wants me.

He usually does it when he’s looking for his elephant.

Or today, he did it when he was looking for Kev.

If you see my child walking around with his hands stuck to his face and calling “Mama,” I promise, he’s not looking for me.


If Tom doesn’t want to take a nap, and we walk into his room to tell him he needs to, it’s very hard to do because he’s usually just sitting in his crib, ankles crossed, with a huge smile and a wave as he says “Hi.”

I don’t want to make a kid who looks that cute saying “Hi” take a nap.

So I make Kevin do it.


This morning, while on the phone with Tom’s Mimi, the following conversation took place:

Me: “Tom’s been doing great. Tom, are you being a good boy?”

Tom: “Noooooooooooooo!”

Me: “Tom lies.”

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  1. Robyn says:

    Very cute. Peese continue to blog about these.

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