A Few Of His Favorite Things At The Aquarium.

We went to the Georgia Aquarium again yesterday.

Which means I have quite a few shots like this…

To share with you today!

But first I must tell you Tom’s favorite things about the Georgia Aquarium.

In no particular order…

1. The pigeons. Did you know they have pigeons at the aquarium? They do. They’re outside. Apparently people (not me) feed them because they just walk up to you. Normally I would ignore them, but since I had Tom with me — and I give in to his every whim — I spent a lot of time basically running them down with my stroller. The child demanded I keep up with the “brrs!!” You’re sorry you missed seeing that, aren’t you? I’m not.

2. Meeting strangers. Occasionally I let Tom out of his stroller. He would use that time to run up to the glass fish tanks, smushing himself in between strangers and occasionally nudging them out of his way, even if they were there first. It was awesome. Luckily, he’s the cutest kid ever so everyone just told me how adorable he was. Plus, they probably didn’t know how to tell me that he was crazy.

3. Saying ‘Hi’ to the fish. Tom stood in front of the huge fish tank and said “Hi” 1,375 times. And he waved. Want proof? See below.


4. Running around the ballroom. The aquarium has a ballroom that usually isn’t open. But yesterday it was, and it has a lot of tables and two big fish tank windows. We decided to eat there. Tom decided it was the perfect place to go “runnin’.” A lot of runnin. More runnin than I’ve ever done in my life. He ran back and forth with a little boy who had light-up shoes, which made Tom want light-up shoes. He ran around all 50 tables in there. He ran around all the huge columns. He grabbed one family’s stroller and ran off with it. He ran around one lady’s table a dozen times because she smiled and laughed at him and he is a HUGE flirt. I bet the reason it isn’t usually open is so that people like us don’t use it for runnin.

5. “Touching” the fish. There are a couple areas where they let people who have control of their hands touch some of the fish, crabs and shrimp. Tom thought it was great. He didn’t want to touch any of the fish, mind you. But he did like splashing in the stinky water and touching the rocks. I was happy he didn’t actually “touch” the fish because there were employees watching to make sure you were gentle with them. And here’s a tip about Tom: He’s not gentle. I didn’t want to get an aquarium beat down.

He loved everything about the aquarium. He is so fun to take there, and he was awesome the entire time. He had fun with his TWO girlfriends, Maxine and Gracie, and all that “runnin” wore him totally out. (Yes!)

Next time you go to the aquarium, make sure you hang out with the pigeons, run around the ballroom, and splash in the fish water. You’ll probably have a good time, too.

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3 Responses to A Few Of His Favorite Things At The Aquarium.

  1. Victoria says:

    He was totally adorable at the aquarium yesterday. You forgot that he played trains with the fish too!!

  2. Robyn says:

    He played trains with fish?

  3. Kaye Smith says:

    We were at that same aquarium on July 2nd. Did not play with the pigeons, but we did go to the viewing areas in the ballroom and watched the big fish. We went through the tunnel and saw them swim overhead. One of us even crawled through the tunnel to see the penguins. Atlanta has the largest aquarium in the world, I believe. It was great.

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