I Always Have Fun With My Sister.

Yesterday, Tom and I went out to visit my sister.

When we got home, Kev said, “Did you have fun?”

Me: “Yes!”

Kev: “What’d you do?”

Me: “Well, Gus was having a cranky morning, so I took him outside and walked around with him to get him calmed down. Then Matilda got attacked by ants and got like…15 bites on her foot. Then she broke out in hives. So Rachel and Adam had to put Matilda in a cool bath, and call the doctor to see if she needed to go to the hospital. She didn’t, so that was good. Then poor Gus got REALLY mad and went on to have a massive screaming fit, which I could not subside, so Adam took him for a ride. Then I found a tick on Tom’s head.”

Kev: “That sounds like a blast.”

Me: “It was! I always have fun with my sister.”

Poor Matilda! Right before this pic was taken, she said, “I got 10 bites. Mama put cream on it.” Awwww…

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5 Responses to I Always Have Fun With My Sister.

  1. waymel says:

    Absolutely! Everything is more fun with a sister.

  2. Robyn says:

    Agreed!! But poor Matilda…..her little sad face is “awwwww” worthy.

  3. Kaye Smith says:

    My sister and I are going for an hour long hot-air balloon ride on August 23rd. Is that going to be fun or what? It’s on my “bucket list, you know”. Praise the Lord for sisters.!

  4. shirley wilmoth says:

    you are right, Kate……..you will always have fun with a sister….doesnt matter what you do.

  5. Judy Malloy says:

    I couldn’t possibly agree more. There is no one who replaces a sister. One of God’s greatest gifts to me was my sister. We have fun from the moment we get together until the moment we part. Sadly, the moments are too far apart. We live a great distance from one another. (I think you might just know her, Kate – ha!)

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