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{Almost} Wordless Wednesday.

Tom is happily strolling… Until he realizes he is a MAN! So, he begins to man-ily stroll…

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Mmmm…Good! I’m Scared.

Tom is a talker. He loves talking, has a lot to say, and he’s getting really good at actually making sense. And lately he has two sentences that he loves the most. They are, “Mmmmm…good!” and “I’m scared.” He loves … Continue reading

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The Moon.

Tom woke up at 5 a.m. this morning. I’m suspecting he did this because he knew his Daddy wasn’t home, so he’d get to spend more time with his Mama. His Mama is SO lucky! I don’t know if you’ve … Continue reading

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Ha Ha Ha!

Lately, Kevin has taken over the bath duties for me. I had begun to really dread bath time because Tom started to act like he didn’t want to take one. Example… Me: Tom, are you ready to take a bath? … Continue reading

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Bits: A Bit Late Edition.

I’m supposed to do my Bits blog on Monday and my {Almost} Wordless on Wednesday, but you know what’s cool about my blog? I can do what I want! *cheers* Actually, I do feel bad this is late. I (of … Continue reading

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A few things I’m grateful for right now… 1. My family is healthy and happy. 2. My parents. Who are loving and awesome. 3. My sister. She is my built-in best friend and I wish everyone knew love like that. … Continue reading

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Working Mom.

I am very lucky in that the powers that be at my former job sometimes let me come back and pretend I am a news writer once again. That is the case this week. Each morning I wake up at … Continue reading

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