A Few Of His Favorite Things At The Zoo.

My mom came to visit us on Monday so we took her to one of our favorite places — Zoo Atlanta!

Tom’s favorite thing at the zoo?

The train!

(Of course.)

Here is a rundown of why the zoo is an awesome place to go, according to Tom.

1. The train. The zoo has a section for children that includes a petting zoo (goats and sheep that Tom not-very-gently “pets”), a really awesome playground, a carousel, and a train. Out of all of those – Tom BY FAR loves the train the most.

Waiting on the train.

How do I know it’s his favorite? We were eating lunch, and Tom had his mouth stuffed with both hot dogs and pizza and was happily trying to shove more food in when…the train whistle sounded. He quickly began flailing his hands and said/mumbled/spokewithhismouthfull that he was DONE! “Done. Train. Done. Train.” I tried everything to distract him so that we could finish eating, but nothing could be done. He wanted that train, by golly.

And so, I shoved my pizza in my mouth and we headed right over there.

He loved it.

2. The rocks. We hadn’t been to the zoo in a little over a month because of the heat, so I was completely shocked to realize Tom remembered I’d let him play on the rocks near the giraffe/zebra/ostrich exhibit. Oh, he remembered. He played on those the entire time.

Me: “Tom, want to see the new baby giraffe?”
Tom: “Rock”

He even made a new friend at the rocks. And she was a very cute girl. So maybe that’s why he was more interested in the rocks than the new baby giraffe.

3. “Runnin'” around the reptiles. I love the house of snakes because it’s air conditioned. Tom loves it because I let him run around like a maniac. Also, he called two random men “Daddy.” I corrected him by telling him that they were men. Then he ran around like a maniac, pointing at people and saying, “Man!” It was awesome.

4. The naked mole rats. Tom has always loved the naked mole rats. I think because there are many windows that are his height and they’re pretty active. Tom was so stoked that he found a window where a naked mole rat was chomping on a carrot, that when a little girl dared to peek in, he pushed her. (Apparently, she didn’t have the game the rock girl had.) So I’m warning you, stay out of there when Tom’s in there. He gets physical.

5. The elephants. Out of all the animals, I really think he loves the elephants best. They’re always really active and come pretty close. He spends the most time just staring at them. And making his elephant noise. (Which sounds like he’s pitching a fit, but I promise it’s his noise.) It’s pretty darn cute.

If you happen to be at the zoo and you hear a boy running around, calling you a man, making a screaming-not-really-elephant-like noise and flirting with a girl on the rocks — that’s us. Come say hi.

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