Bits: A Bit Late Edition.

I’m supposed to do my Bits blog on Monday and my {Almost} Wordless on Wednesday, but you know what’s cool about my blog?

I can do what I want!


Actually, I do feel bad this is late. I (of course) blame Netflix for my slacking. I got addicted to Make It Or Break It, but I’ve finished that now and I’m going to try to keep up! Until I get addicted to something else to blame.

I took quite a few photos this weekend, but these were my favs…

We bought Tom this dog balloon at the mall for $5. WORTH IT. He loves it. He takes it on “woks” and we play hide-and-go-seek with it. Currently, dog is hiding in our guest room. (Like a ninja!)

“Woking” the dog. Pantless.

Tom was getting tired, so he placed all his animals and some toys on the couch and buried himself with them. I’m working on him just saying, “nap.”

His new favorite pastime: Eating ice. (I promise there are only a few tiny pieces in there!)

Tom got cuter!

Hope y’all are having a good week! LOVE!

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