Mmmm…Good! I’m Scared.

Tom is a talker.

He loves talking, has a lot to say, and he’s getting really good at actually making sense.

And lately he has two sentences that he loves the most.

They are, “Mmmmm…good!” and “I’m scared.”

He loves these sentences and tries to fit at least one of them into almost every situation.

On a walk, he will smell my neighbor’s flowers and say, “Mmmm…good!”

He will see a cup and say, “Mmmm…good!”

He will say, “Pop tart! Mmmm…good!” when he wants an 8 p.m. snack.

(No, Tom. You may have a fruit pack.)

“Fruit pack. Mmmm…good!”

Sometimes they don’t make sense, but I try to make it work anyway.

Yesterday he pulled out my dishwashing detergent packets. “Mmmm…good.”

(Yes, washing dishes is good! For YOU to learn someday. Soon.)

And the day before, he watched as I flushed the toilet.


(Me: “Ummm…yes! Using the potty is good!”)

So when does he use, “I’m scared?”

Sometimes when I think he may be scared.

Like when Kev and Tom are playing chase, and Kev hides and then Tom runs up to me and says, “I’m scared” because he doesn’t know where Kev is.

(Me: “It’s OK. Don’t be scared.”)

Or at the beginning of Finding Nemo when the barracuda attacks and kills Nemo’s whole family.

“I’m scared!”

(Dear Pixar: I’M scared of that part.)

((Also, I now skip it and we begin with Nemo excited about the first day of school. Ahhh…))

And sometimes when I say, “Do you want a new diaper?”

Tom goes right for, “I’m scared.”

(Good try, sweet Tom! But I’m calling lies.)

With Tom and his new sentences, I feel like we’re starting to see even more of his personality come through.

And I’ll bet you’ll never guess what I think of his personality!

Yeah, I love it.

He’s adorable.

I will say that sometimes “I’m scared” at how quickly Tom seems to be growing up.

But it’s “Mmmm…good” watching him.

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1 Response to Mmmm…Good! I’m Scared.

  1. Robyn says:

    So cute. And now I want a pop tart.

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