Apparently, I’m Not A ‘Consignment Sale’ Person.

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you know I went to my first consignment sale a couple weeks ago.

It was…

Well there…

Let’s just say…I learned a lot.

(And I was traumatized.)

But mainly I learned what not to do.

(Which is pretty much everything I did that day.)

And I knew I wanted to try it again. So when two of my great friends invited me to go to a consignment sale with them last Friday, I was happy to say yes.

And when they told me that I couldn’t bring a stroller, I said NO WAY!

After all, that was one of the things I’d learned.

But when one of my friends called me that Friday morning and said she’d be there for support and help I felt like…


I’d try it. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad without a stroller if I had another adult human being there to help.



So we went. We met up with my friends and started hunting up deals.

I will go ahead and tell you — I liked this sale MUCH better. It was wonderfully organized and there was a lot of space. They had things sectioned off in different rooms so it didn’t feel overly crowded to me.

Tom loved it because he could push trucks into other mother’s legs.

So…that was good.

My friend was awesome and took a lot of my soon-to-be purchases off my hands, so that was good.

But then we had to check out.


The line was ridiculously long, even though it moved fairly quickly.

And again, the line wove through the clothes where people were frantically shopping.


So imagine me, with active Tom, and moving the one toy (a race track) that I couldn’t make my friend haul, while he’s playing with it, inch by inch, while other moms walk in between and around us shopping for clothes.

Fun, right?


And then I got to check out, and they only took cash.

(Boo, me!)

So not only did I make my friend haul all our stuff, but then I made her pay for it!

After that my other friend invited us to lunch, but I just called it a day because I was feeling slightly panicked.

And worn out.

Can you feel both?

I felt like…I got some good deals on a couple toys for Tom.

But the stress I felt watching Tom run around playing with toys while I try to save people’s ankles from getting hit is pretty large.

And the stress of keeping him entertained in these crazy, long lines is — maybe not justifiably — but it is very great for me.

And trying to keep up with my very active child when there are a lot of people around is a full-time job. As in — I don’t have time to look at stuff at these sales.

Basically I took Tom to a really great toy store where I let him run around.

Which would’ve been great, if I hadn’t actually tried to look for anything. Or bought anything.

So after giving it two tries, I’m going to go ahead and say it:

I am obviously not a consignment sale person.

Apparently I would be if I didn’t have a child.

In which case, I wouldn’t be going to consignment sales anyway.

Tom loves the racetrack toy I got him for $4. Almost makes the sale worth it. Almost.

(And also, thanks to my friends for being there, helping me tremendously, and checking on me later to make sure I recovered. I have the best friends ever. One of which I owe $25. LOVE!)

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8 Responses to Apparently, I’m Not A ‘Consignment Sale’ Person.

  1. waymele says:

    Do you have another friend who could stay home with Tom while you went to the sale with your other friends? I can’t imagine taking the kids to one of those things. I bet you’d like it a lot more without him! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Jen says:

    “I am obviously not a consignment sale person.
    Apparently I would be if I didnโ€™t have a child.
    In which case, I wouldnโ€™t be going to consignment sales anyway.”
    Yup. Haha so many things we do for our kids would be easier if we didn’t have kids! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Victoria says:

    I think you and Tom both did awesome!!! We will have to try a sale in the spring when the daddy’s can watch the wee ones.

  4. KD says:

    Jay is always available to babysit in the mornings, lol! And I stay away the first day of any sale because the lines are too, too long! I had forgotten how crazy they seem at first. Next Spring you’ll be ready to become a seller and I can always help with that ๐Ÿ™‚

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