Tom’s okay is “o-tay” right now.

A very adorable, sweet, wonderful little “o-tay.”

What is really funny about his o-tay?

The fact that he tricks you with it.

For instance, Tom will point to his juice cup and sign “more.”

I will say, “You want more juice?”

“O-tay!” he says.

You see what he did there?

He made it to where I was the one asking if he wanted more to drink.

I wasn’t asking you, Tom! I was trying to prompt you!

Tom says, “Outsigh.”

Me: “You want to go outside?”

Tom: “O-tay!”

According to Tom, all I do is ask him questions about things he would just LOVE to do.

He’s probably wondering if I’m a mind reader or something.

(And for future reference, teenage-Tom, I am a mind reader.)


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