DIY Nursery Art Craft.

LoveAndKate Note: My sister, Rachel, is crafty. And she’s made something that you can easily make for your child’s room if you’re so willing. AND she’s sharing all of her craftiness with you today, because she’s cool like that. AND she wrote a blog about it for me. Isn’t she the best? I think so too. So…here’s my FIRST GUEST POST EVER! Enjoy!

I don’t blog. I wish I would or could, but I don’t. Luckily for me, my sister does. And even better than that, she has a blog that I LOVE! And even better than that, she is letting me share my craft on her blog. I’m so lucky.

So, I did this craft for my baby’s room.

I’m going to start with my inspiration. I wanted something personal sort of like I did in my daughter’s room. In her room, I did a word cloud with all of her birth information and words to describe my amazing Matilda. You can DIY that as well at :

Also, I got this amazing picture book from the library the other day. It is called 13 Words by Lemony Snicket. My sister just thought it was weird, but I actually loved it. It is different and quirky, and as a teacher, I see a lot of potential for teaching great vocabulary.

It’s awesome, but beside the point.

It wasn’t the book that inspired me, but the copyright page. They had all of their copyright information in the shape of a bird. I thought it was awesome.

You can see the copyright bird inside the book here:

Okay, so then I thought, hey, I could do that. I can put the information about Gus in the shape of the bird. Wouldn’t that be adorable?

(And it is, just wait)

So, I searched Google images for a bird silhouette that I liked.

I printed it out and traced it very lightly in pencil on cardstock.

I then colored in the beak and legs with a pen.

After that, I just wrote in all the words and information within the outline. If I ever ran out of room near an edge, I would just add a heart to fill it in.

(It also helps to write out a bunch of information and words first so you can choose what will fit best and where.)

((Maybe even type it out in something with spell check. That way you won’t have any misspelled words like I did! Ironic that my misspelled word is next to the word smart? I guess it is describing Gus and not me :))

When I was all done, I just erased the pencil outline. That’s it!

I bought a frame from Target that had a white mat.

I painted the mat green with left over wall paint from his room, and that was that.

Adorable, personalized artwork!

In case you want to know what I put on my bird and can’t read it, here it is:

Gus. Our first baby boy. Our son. Little brother. Happy. Loves to smile. Loves to giggle and laugh. Strong. Content. Sleepy. Good. Opinionated. Lovely. Long eyelashes. Lucky. A head full fo hair. Dimples. Tall. Inquisitive. Smart. Coordinated. Handsome. Brown eyes. Loved. Son. Playful. Easy-going. Cute. Intelligent. Wonderful. June 20, 2011. 9lbs 10oz. Augustus Milo Temples. Curious. Loves being outside. Loves to see the world. Loves to see the world. Loves books. Athletic. Bright-eyed. You will soar! You will conquer your dreams. Kind. Sweet. Considerate. A good friend. Great at listening. Funny. Cousin. Grandson. Nephew. Son. Brother. You. Individual. Unique. Nice. Talented. Imaginative. Leader. Artistic. Creative. Musical. Amazing. Gus.

It was really easy and took maybe 15 minutes total. It seriously took me more time to write this and take pictures of it.

Thanks so much, Rachel! Now, go ahead and make me one. I’ll give you a Snickers. And a hug.

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3 Responses to DIY Nursery Art Craft.

  1. Cindy Clayton says:

    Both of you ladies are so seriously creative!!!! You almost make me sick. 🙂 Only 15 minutes….I could work at that for days and it wouldn’t look so good. Amazing!!!! Hope all is well with you both.

  2. robyn says:

    Very crafty and sweet! Thanks, guest blogger 🙂

  3. Victoria says:

    Really unique idea – I love it!

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