Tom and Mary.

Tom visited with his friend, Mary, this week.

After fighting for the first 30 minutes over every toy Mary has in her house, they finally found something that could agree was the MOST FUN EVER!

I give you — (booming voice) the toy every child loves:

The curtains.

Oh, and this video?

Of them both giggling behind the curtain?

I die.

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3 Responses to Tom and Mary.

  1. Looks like Tom and Mary had a blast. The curtains are great entertainment!!! Thanks for sharing the pictures and Video!!!

  2. Kristina says:

    Hi Kate!!! It was great meeting you and Tom at the preschool! I look forward to our weekly visits! Love the blog by the way! That video of them laughing is hilarious!

  3. Pat Pitts says:

    Too precious!!!!!!!

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