Crazy For The Crazy Bus.

We visited my parents in my hometown this past weekend.

It’s one of my favorite weekends of the year!


Well, because we get to go to the Georgia National Fair and the Mossy Creek Barnyard Festival and hang out with my family and eat funnel cakes.

I’m dividing the posts from the weekend up because it was just TOO MUCH FUN to fit it all into one post.

Let’s start with the fair, shall we?

This is one of the top 10 reasons I go to the fair every year. I shared. (Sort of.)

That’s Gus with his pretty mommy. He thought the fair was really exciting. (Pretend Gus’ hat is blue.)

Matilda riding a pony with Grandma’s help.

Talking to the animals.

Feeding the giraffe. Did you know giraffes like carrots? They do.

And now: The Crazy Bus. I wasn’t sure how Tom would do on the rides. We tried the Crazy Bus — which is a ride that goes up in the air and down again over and over. Yeah, he didn’t like it. He LOVED IT! He wouldn’t get off of it. No, really. When the ride was over and the worker opened the door for us to get out — Tom closed it back and signed “more.” When we got off, he cried so furiously the worker let us stay on the ride two more times for free. So see? Crying does help you get your way.

One of these people is refusing to get off the bus.

Yeah, that’s a happy face. Full of funnel cake.

Yay! I love the fair. I look forward to it like I look forward to Christmas. And this year didn’t disappoint. It was so great to see Tom taking it all in and enjoying it too! I wish I’d taken a picture of him in his wagon at the end of our day, with the bouncy ball he won (by showing his strength), eating the last of a funnel cake and drinking some water out of a straw. He was a happy boy.

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  1. othervixie says:

    Too precious. What a wonderful day

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