Bits: Preschool Edition.

Every Friday, Tom and I get together with a few other moms and their kids and we have a preschool playdate.

It’s basically a playdate with planned activities that go along with a theme, and each mom has a Friday that she is in charge of the theme and activities.

It’s very, very fun!

This past Friday was my “in charge” Friday and I focused on the color blue.

I was actually kind of nervous — but I ended up really liking being able to do research for a theme (of course!) and I think it went pretty well.

Wanna see? Okay!

Dancing with their blue ribbon sticks to a couple of “blue” songs.

Tom loved it!

It’s hard for me to explain what this is — but it was a huge hit. Take my word for it. They loved it. (I swear!) My sister gave me this idea and I’m so glad she did. Basically the kids were looking for the “mouse in the house” by lifting up (or ripping off) the houses to see what was underneath. Guess where the mouse was this week? (If you guessed the “blue” house then CONGRATS! You’ve reached 1.5-year-old grade level!)

Playing with the blue balloons!

We made “oceans” in ziploc baggies and put some Dollar Tree fish toys inside.

It was a really fun Friday and I think the kids had fun. Yay!

The rest of our weekend was spent at home just getting things done around the house.

Okay, I know I keep saying this but — he looks so GROWN doesn’t he?! I love this picture/it freaks me out.

Still grown looking! I hear this “looking grown” thing is going to happen again. For, like, forever.

I love this. Kev bought Tom this book this weekend because he remembered it as a child. Tom loves it! And I love them.

Hope y’all have a good week! LOVE!

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1 Response to Bits: Preschool Edition.

  1. Victoria says:

    You did an AMAZING preschool!! Maxine loved it. She is still talking about it: “blue blue blue”! Thanks for all the research.

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