Tom likes to play a new game called “Buttons.”

How do you play buttons?


1. You ask me to give you my ginormous jar of buttons by saying, “Buttons! Buttons! Buttons!”

2. I get you my buttons, and a couple of my pots and pans.

3. I tell you not to throw them on the floor on purpose.

4. You are a toddler, so that means nothing to you.

5. You spend 10 minutes putting them in the pots and pans, and sometimes you stir them with a big strainer spoon thing I’ve never used.

6. You spend 5 FUN minutes flinging them all across the floor while I yell, “Stop! No! Stop that!”

7. You laugh at me.

8. Buttons is over.  You know it, but don’t care.  You go play trains.

9. I spend 20 minutes picking up buttons.

10. I get buttons stuck on my feet for days afterward.

Doesn’t that sound awesome?!  It is.

For some reason I still let him play Buttons every day.

Which just proves what you’ve already suspected.

I’m a looney.

(These photos are staged and do not accurately portray the insanity that is “Buttons.”)

((Seriously. Staged.))

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3 Responses to Buttons.

  1. Nicole says:

    Fantastic idea-I love to clean up so this sounds perfect! But seriously, we put up with a lot of messes to watch our kids have fun.

  2. Kristina says:

    I will make sure not to mention this game to Addison…she would do the same thing Tom would do!!!

  3. Robyn says:

    I like Tom’s striped pants.

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