Tom is at an age where it seems he is trying or accomplishing 10 new things a week.

I guess he’s been at an age like that since birth, but it seems more obvious these days.

He’s had a shape sorter toy for about 6 months. It’s a wooden pull toy — a crane with a trailer, with 3 basic shapes on the back.

We’ve played with it off and on since I bought it, but he hasn’t ever really been that interested.

Until last week when he got it down, and started trying to put the shapes in their correct slot. I would tell him the shape and he’d repeat the name and then he’d put them in their place!

I was so happy and excited!

It was like, one day he decided he was ready to learn some shapes. And that day was last week.

And since then, he’s been more excited about pulling it around the house, too.

(And throwing the wooden shapes, but that’s another blog post.)

This week, his mother, who is very, very brave, decided to take him to his first story time.

A friend invited us, and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to go and see how he’d do.

Everyone I know has been taking their child to some type of story time forever, but I’ve been…

Totally scared of the thought.

My child loves to RUN. My child loves to LAUGH LOUDLY. My child loves to INVESTIGATE EVERYTHING.

So, since those things aren’t really the point of story time, I thought it’d be pretty terrible, actually.

But, I’m getting braver (or more prone to cave to peer pressure), and so we all went to a reading of “Elf on the Shelf” at Pottery Barn Kids.

1. I left him in his stroller. I feel this was wise.

2. I let him play with a tiny wooden rattle they had for sale. For $17. I told him not to get too attached, because no.

3. They had an elephant wall hanging directly behind the woman reading the story. So whenever she said “elf” (which was a lot) Tom would scream “Elephant!” which actually sounds like “elf” when he says it.

4. Then he would point to the elephant and beg me to take him over to touch it.

5. I wouldn’t, because I couldn’t physically get over there. He seemed okay with this after awhile.

Oh, and he stole a grape from my friend, and that kept him occupied most of the time.

So yeah, he didn’t really pay attention to the story or anything, but he didn’t act nearly as scary as I thought he might.

Which means? SUCCESS!

I’m really happy with how it went and plan to go back so he can get used to it.

The other first he accomplished this week is something Kevin has been begging for me to let him do since Tom was born.

I’m not kidding. Kevin has really, really wanted to do this for some reason, and although I kept insisting Tom is too young and doesn’t need to go, not to mention we try to limit Tom’s TV time — Kevin was stoked about taking Tom TO the movies.

Like…the theater.

He really wanted to. And he has wanted to.

And there’s something you should know about me when it comes to Kevin.

When he gets really excited and happy about something, it’s contagious to me. I really cannot say no to him. He’s just…so darn cute!

So I said okay, and Kevin and Tom had a boys afternoon out at the movies to see “Puss and Boots.”

(A cartoon movie that got terrible reviews, but my child is little so…)

He loved it.

Totally psycho loved it.

As in, he sat there and watched the entire thing, screamed out in excitement and laughed at parts, squished the one M&M Kev gave him in his hand because he was too busy watching to eat it, and then signed and said “more” when it was over.

When they came home, Tom said “puss and boots” and “big duck” to me over and over.

That was him telling me about the movie.

It sounds good, doesn’t it?

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3 Responses to Firsts.

  1. Kristina says:

    Tom did wonderful at the story time…I know how nerve racking it is because I always felt the same way as well. I am so excited he enjoyed the movie!!

  2. Nicole says:

    That’s exciting about the movies. I had been wondering at what age to go. And how cute about the excitement in learning shapes!

  3. robyn says:

    I’m shocked that he is old enough to enjoy a movie – so cute!

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