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Bits: Third Christmas.

Third Christmas was actual Christmas. This was the first year we spent Christmas with just us at our house. I was a little nervous that I would be sad and miss all my family on that particular day, even though … Continue reading

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Video For The Grandparents. (And You.)

Tom’s big gift this year from Santa was a truck. A set of wheels! They grow up so fast. So for the grandparents, here is the video of Tom taking his wheels for a spin. Or…well…Tom getting pushed by his … Continue reading

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Helping Huck With His Toy.

Kev got Huck a toy for Christmas. And it wasn’t just any toy. According to Kevin, “It’s a puzzle! And I got the most difficult one they had!” I was worried. I know Huck is smart, but I don’t know … Continue reading

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Santa Fail.

Santa did a totally great job in Tom’s eyes this year. Except when it came to slippers. Tom did not want slippers. He did not want his slippers to look like Lightning McQueen. He did not want to wear them. … Continue reading

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Bits: Second Christmas.

On Thursday, we traveled down to my hometown so we could celebrate Christmas with my side of the family. My Grandmother lives in my hometown, and one of my cousins from Kentucky was going to be at her house visiting … Continue reading

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Christmas Crafts.

I’m on Pinterest and I love it. And I’ve especially loved it this holiday season because I got a lot of my Christmas craft ideas from there. So! If you’re scrambling trying to find a couple ideas before the big … Continue reading

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{Almost} Wordless Wednesday.

Tom? What are you doing? Tom: “Uhhh…nothing.” *Mom patiently waits for explanation* Tom: “Uhhh… Tom: “CHEESE! I was just cheese-ing!” Mom: *laughing* “Okay, you win.”

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Bits: First Christmas Edition.

First, I want to tell you that Tom is feeling much better! Toward the end of last week, he really started to sleep better and act more like his usual, happy self. And he was feeling well enough to visit … Continue reading

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We Interrupt This Blog…

…to deal with a sick child. He’s just pitiful. It started Sunday when he woke up with a cough, but he acted fine. But that night he woke up a couple times coughing. And Monday he was just a little … Continue reading

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Bits: Cookie Decorating Edition.

Hope you guys had a good weekend! We had a busy, fun weekend full of visiting with friends and decorating Christmas cookies! (Kate fact: I will always refer to weekends as “fun” when icing is involved.) Here’s how it looked: … Continue reading

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