Crazytown. Population: Me.

So one of the big reasons I thought I was pregnant with a boy is because this pregnancy has been exactly like my Tom pregnancy.

And by that I mean: It’s been easy.


I haven’t had morning sickness, I haven’t been too tired, I haven’t had trouble sleeping, I haven’t been put on bed rest or anything else that I’ve heard from other moms.

I’m just crazy lucky, I guess.

But lately?

I’ve just been crazy.

Now, I could’ve been like this with Tom, too, but I don’t remember it.

But in the past two weeks, I’ve felt like, “Yeah, I’m pregnant with a girl.”


Well, because I can go from totally calm to INSANELY PISSED in about .05 seconds.

Oh, and then 10 seconds after that I’ll start crying because I feel so bad that I got mad.

And then I’ll kind of start getting mad again because I’m crying about the first mad thing.



Being pregnant with this girl has turned me into a teenage girl.


Besides the weird madness, the crying thing is happening at least once a day.

Over anything.

Over everything.

Christmas song that sounds sweet? Cries.

Taking Tom to Disney and realizing it was his first time there? Cries.

Walking with Tom and thinking about how wonderfully sweet it is that he holds so tightly to my hand? Cries.

Huck comes up to lick my tears because I’m crying? Cries.

Thinking about “Steel Magnolias”? Cries.

I mean, ugh! How annoying am I?

(Don’t answer. I’ll cry.)

I just want to put this out there into blog world to explain to you why, if you see me in person, I’m crying.

(My irrational meanness shouldn’t affect you — it’s usually directed toward inanimate objects.)

It’s not you.

It’s not me, either.

It’s the baby teenage girl in my belly.

(She’s rolling her eyes at me right now, I can feel it!)


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1 Response to Crazytown. Population: Me.

  1. Robyn says:

    awwww.. good thing you’re such a pretty crier!

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