Christmas Crafts.

I’m on Pinterest and I love it.

And I’ve especially loved it this holiday season because I got a lot of my Christmas craft ideas from there.

So! If you’re scrambling trying to find a couple ideas before the big day, I’m going to share the ones that I actually made for friends and family this year.

I promise you, they are all simple. And I loved how they turned out. And I hope the people I’m giving them to also love them.

Stovetop Potpourri. I love this. I’ve made it for myself, family and friends. It’s great and easy and very festive and pretty. I just used Target treat bags for mine, but you could package it in lots of different ways. Directions are here.

Gingerbread Playdoh. Please make this just so you can sniff it. Seriously, it’s the best smelling stuff in the world. And I already had all the ingredients in my pantry. I gave this to Tom’s little cousins and his playgroup friends. Tom did eat some, but for the most part he’s behaved. (It is edible, just gross.) I packaged mine in plastic containers since glass doesn’t really work for the age group I was giving to. πŸ™‚ Directions are here.

Reindeer Noses. Just simple and cute stocking stuffers! I used Whoppers and red gumballs. The bag toppers are just scrapbook paper I got from Hobby Lobby. Done!

Picture Candies. I made these for stocking stuffers for the grandparents. I think I got this idea from Martha Stewart. The little plastic boxes are from and although mine are small, you could get bigger boxes and put a regular 4×6 photo in there. I did some of Tom dressed up for Christmas and then these I just graffiti-ed with markers to make them Christmas-y. (I’m sure Tom will appreciate it.) Then I just added some M&Ms to the bottom. So cute, right?

Memory Game. I made these for Tom. The hardest part for me was finding photos that were all horizontal, so I finally gave up and decided Tom was too young to care. πŸ™‚ Anyway, I bought the little wooden rectangles from Hobby Lobby, painted them all green on one side and then used Mod Podge to glue the pics of our family to the other side. (I also used Mod Podge on tops of the photos to seal them.)

Matilda’s Memory Game. For my niece, I bought “wooden nickels” from Hobby Lobby, put some pink polka dotted paper on one side and then different colored polka dotted paper on the other sides for her to match up. (All Mod Podged.) I hope she likes it!

Cinnamon Honey Butter. This is not my photo — the site where I got this idea really cuted up her butter jars. I just put mine in jars and called it a day. But! The recipe is yummy and delicious. I made this for our neighbors and paired it with some croissants. I know it’s delicious because I made a batch for us too. (Of course!) Seriously, it’s yummy. Directions are here.

Okay, that’s it for our craftiness this year! I had so much fun with this, and in most cases I went back and made more. My point being — you can make any of these pretty quickly if you need to!

Hope you guys have a very Merry Christmas! LOVE y’all!

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6 Responses to Christmas Crafts.

  1. KD says:

    Your craftiness wears me out! Well done πŸ™‚

  2. robyn says:

    you are super crafty cool.

  3. Victoria says:

    The potpourri was awesome!!! It made the whole house smell so good. You put me to shame with all your crafts. I am totally stealing your honey butter and croissants for my neighbor.

  4. Kristina says:

    I looooved the potpurri!! Addison loves the play dough! Thank you it was very sweet of you! You have to love Pinterest!

  5. Greg says:

    I LOVE the M&M containers!!! πŸ˜‰

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