Bits: Second Christmas.

On Thursday, we traveled down to my hometown so we could celebrate Christmas with my side of the family.

My Grandmother lives in my hometown, and one of my cousins from Kentucky was going to be at her house visiting with her family, so we knew that would be a great time to get together.

And my mom’s (huge!) family lives close to my hometown, so we were in town to celebrate with them too!

It worked out really great and I’m so happy we were able to see so much family in our short little two-day trip.

Here’s how it looked…

My cousin’s baby, Lily!

Eating at the kids table.

My Dad got crushed by a present.

I love my Uncle Kelly’s face when he opened his basketball goal. Happiness!

Playing trains with Grandma.

Playing football with Uncle Adam, Matilda and Jonah.

Getting a ride from LaLa.

Cousin friends.

These are my grandmother’s great-grandkids — my cousin’s two children, my sister’s two children and Tom. And there are two on the way, so next year this photo will have a couple more. πŸ™‚

My nephew, Gus! SO big!

Uncle Adam showing Tom how to work his new light-up turtle. Y’all. Tom loves this. A lot. He asks for “stars” all the time and now we turn it on when he goes to sleep. LOVES it!

Pretty much anything Matilda got, Tom wanted. Including her wooden cupcake set.

These three playing piano sounds glorious. (Not really, but they’re so darn cute!)

Gift-opening time with my Mom’s fam!

Playing ball with cousin Hattie. They were hilarious with this. The lack of sharing was awesome.

Hope you guys had a good time with your families as well! More to come! LOVE!

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