Helping Huck With His Toy.

Kev got Huck a toy for Christmas.

And it wasn’t just any toy.

According to Kevin, “It’s a puzzle! And I got the most difficult one they had!”

I was worried.

I know Huck is smart, but I don’t know if he’s figure-out-a-difficult-puzzle smart.

Probably because he tries to climb trees to get at squirrels and even though he’s never been able to do it, he keeps trying.

But I thought, “Hey, maybe I just have a really optimistic, puzzle solving dog!” So I kept my fingers crossed that Huck would love the gift as much as Kevin did.

So Christmas morning rolls around and…

Huck loved it.

And he was great at it.

With a little (A LOT) of help from his good buddy, Tom.

Because, you know, Tom also loved it.

And was great at it.

House full of geniuses!!

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