Video For The Grandparents. (And You.)

Tom’s big gift this year from Santa was a truck.

A set of wheels!

They grow up so fast.

So for the grandparents, here is the video of Tom taking his wheels for a spin.

Or…well…Tom getting pushed by his Daddy.

We know he’ll get the hang of it eventually!

In the meantime, it’s been hilarious to hear Tom ask to see “Tom’s big truck” about 1,000 times.

So we’ll take him outside and ask if he wants to get in it.

“No,” he says.

Then he’ll open and shut the door and then he’ll run off to find a mud puddle.

Clearly, more driving lessons are needed.

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3 Responses to Video For The Grandparents. (And You.)

  1. robyn says:

    I’m stuck!!! Awwww cutes

  2. Victoria says:

    Love the truck. Xini got a car so they can race!!

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