It’s Cold, Let’s Shower.

I live in Georgia and I have my whole life.

I am totally used to the weather here for the most part, and I actually love that about this state.

So when I say it’s seriously cold here, I mean that in a completely Georgia way.

I mean that on Saturday it was so warm (63 degrees) we went to the zoo in light jackets.

And I mean today it’s 28 degrees with a wind chill of 15 degrees or something.

What I’m saying is — I don’t want to go out there today.

Tom and I did have to venture out to the grocery store, because although my sweet husband went the past two times, he failed to buy anything that would actually make a meal.

So we did that.

And then I hunkered down with Tom and tried to come up with stuff for us to do *inside* for the rest of the day.

What did I come up with?

Dollar Tree shaving cream and salt dough ornaments.

I got the shaving cream idea from my friend, Victoria, and picked up some the last time I went to the Dollar Tree.  Which, by the way, I now love.

I really don’t think I’d ever been in there until about a month ago, and now I’ve been there three times buying cheap crap for us to play with/destroy.  It’s awesome.


I thought I’d give it a shot today.  I put Tom in the bathtub, with his clothes on (for photos!), and sprayed shaving cream everywhere.

He LOVED it.

He called the lines of shaving cream “snakes.”

He smushed them, smeared them, and covered himself in shaving cream.

He kept saying, “More snakes!”

And then I’d make a big pile of shaving cream and he’d just slam it.

He seriously thought it was the greatest.

But that wasn’t his favorite part.

His favorite part was when I said, “Let’s clean up the snakes.”

We have a hand-held shower head that we’ve never used with Tom.  He’s seen me use it when I’m cleaning the tub, and he loves to put his hand under it, but that’s always fairly quick and I’m trying to keep it from going everywhere.

But this time, I took off his shaving cream-covered clothes and turned on the shower to rinse him off and he PSYCHO LOVED IT!

I mean, seriously.

He was cleaning himself, cleaning off the “snakes” and then he played with the shower, in the shower, for about 20 minutes or so.

I’m not kidding.

Apparently, my child is completely entertained by showers.

(Good to know, next cold day.  Which should be tomorrow.)

He had a really good time.

Especially since before we did the shaving cream bath, he painted some salt dough ornaments for me.

And he did such a good job!

He completely understands how to use a paintbrush now, and he really concentrated and painted the little hearts I’d made for our Valentine tree.

(I know it’s January 3rd. I’ve got a Valentine obsession. Sorry I’m crazy.)

But look at how cute they turned out!

Didn’t he do awesome?!

For the salt dough ornaments, I used this recipe and it worked great, except I added another 1/2 cup flour because mine was like soup.

Then I painted them different shades of love-y colors and tied them to a couple branches I found in the yard.

Now after Tom’s ornaments are dry, I’ll add his!

And then we’ll add Kevin’s!

(Okay, I’m making that up. But now that I mention it to myself…)

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5 Responses to It’s Cold, Let’s Shower.

  1. Robyn says:

    Cute idea for a Valentine’s day decoration – Tom is already so crafty!

  2. Nicole says:

    A Valentine’s tree!?! This is the most fantastic idea. I picked up (in Dollar section) a heart mailbox to use for Valentine’s messages for Olivia, but this is a much better idea. I better see what’s on Pinterest for Valentine’s…

    And yes the Dollar Tree can become your best friend with all the cheap and fun art supplies and sensory box materials.

  3. victoria says:

    Love the pics of him covered in shaving cream. So messy. Too cute and what s good idea. It is so hard to find things for them to do in the cold. My mom let the girls jump on an air mattress which they thought was the mist fun yesterday. Maxine was exhausted last night!!!

  4. Kristina says:

    Love the pictures of him in the bathtub with the shaving cream!!! Addison loves the shaving cream as well! Very cute Valentine tree!

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