Bits: Dirty Boy Edition.

We got SO much done this weekend.

It feels great to get so much crossed off our list, but our list is L-O-N-G, so we’ve got more to go.

But I was really happy with all that was accomplished.

What did we do?

We bought a double stroller.

We bought a little table and chairs for Tom.

I made a solo trip to Ikea so I could figure out what to get for baby girl without Kev there to complain about being at Ikea.

We took down the guest bed and moved it to Kev’s parents’ basement.

I annoyed Kev enough to finally replace our bathroom vent, because it FELL OFF AND LEFT A BIG GAPING HOLE IN THE WALL.  Which I may have mentioned to him 1,573 times in a 30 minute period on Saturday.  It’s replaced!

Kev fixed our front railing.

Kev fixed our bedroom dresser.

I cleaned out more of the guest room to make room for baby stuff.

I did 57 loads of laundry.  Or something like that.

I bought Kev two new sweaters to replace the two — not in the same load — that I accidentally dried/shrunk.  I am losing my mind.

And we played and played and played.

Tom played with Mimi and Pops and had a great time.

We played outside in the rain.

We played inside with trucks and trains.

And we played with our neighbor, Buddy.

Who is Tom’s hero because he decided to burn leaves while we were over there.

So Tom got to get nice and dirty while “helping” throw things on the fire.

Like dirt.

And celery.

Wanna see how dirty a little boy can get throwing dirt and celery on a fire?


Hope y’all had a wonderful (and dirty) weekend, too! I highly recommend them.


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2 Responses to Bits: Dirty Boy Edition.

  1. victoria says:

    Love that you had such a great weekend. Yon looks adorable all dirty

  2. Kristina says:

    Wow…you got alot accomplished…Congratulations! Tom looks adorable!

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