Today is the day!


Little Tom is officially 2-years-old!

He is an amazing boy.

He loves his Mama, Daddy and Huck more than anything.

He loves trains, trucks, planes, cars, tanks and pretty much all modes of transportation.

He loves his grandparents and his cousins and all of his little friends so very much.

He is kind and compassionate.

He loves naps.

He loves outside.

He loves rocks and dirt and it is a constant battle to keep him from throwing those things out of excitement.

He loves Star Wars.

He loves to get a cookie at the grocery store.

He loves Mexican food.

He loves milk.

He loves to run and play chase.

He loves to talk. A lot.

He loves for me to pretend to be a dinosaur and pretend to eat his arm.

He loves stuffed animals.

He loves water and fish and dolphins and sharks and whales.

He loves to play lightsabers with his Daddy.

When he receives a new toy, he wants to play with it right then. He loves new toys.

He loves to read books. He will say, “Read books?” at least four times a day.

He loves cupcakes.

(Proof of his cupcake love. And Mama love.)

If he gives his Daddy a kiss, he will seek me out to give me a kiss too. He never wants to give one of us a kiss and not the other.

He loves to laugh and smile. He often laughs so hard he throws up.

He loves to be tickled.

He loves puddles. And his rain boots.

He thinks watching the garbage truck come by is pretty awesome.

He loves to say “Awesome!”

If he says “Bye-Bye” he almost always says “Seeyalater!” along with it.

He loves fire. And he loves our neighbor, who won’t burn his stick pile unless Tom is around to see it.

He loves to swing.

He loves to hide.

He often says “Hand?” to me — which means for me to give him my hand so he can pull me to play with him somewhere different.

He loves to cuddle on the couch.

(When he’s tired.)

((Very, very tired.))

And he just loves life. He’s so happy. And sweet. And is always concerned if he hears someone crying.

He is active. And amazing. And completely and totally loving.

He is smart and fun and spending my days with him means the world to me.

I am so lucky to be his Mama. So lucky.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Tom!

We LOVE you so much.


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