Tom’s 2nd {Train Themed} Birthday Party.

I’ll go ahead and tell you the best part about throwing this party for Thomas:

He loved it.

He loved every. single. thing. about it!

He loved the decorations, the food, the people, the friends, the presents, the CUPCAKES!

I mean…he loved it.

It was so fun and exciting for me to watch him have so much fun and enjoy everything.

It was kind of amazing.

I loved planning this party and thought it was super fun to do.

And thankfully, the morning of the party, my sister, husband and parents really, REALLY helped out and saved me in that last hour before the party.

(Note to world: Saving all the food items to be made and set up in the last hour is probably *not* the most awesome of ideas.  Which you probably already knew.  And you should’ve told me.)

So what I’m saying is — this party was fun.  And my loved ones helped me HUGE time during crunch time.  (Thank you!!)

Here’s how it looked:

Tom’s ready to turn TWO!

The food table!

Sandwiches, fruit, chips and in the train there was coal (olives), wood (pretzels) and extra wheels (mini Nilla wafers). Since I’m 7-months-pregnant, I could’ve pulled up a chair.

I made this train as part of a game (they could throw bean-filled balloons — coal — into the boxes) but immediately realized I didn’t need to do that because Tom and Matilda thought sitting in it and putting their animals in it was WAY more fun! Noted.

It was supposed to rain all day and we had a lot of people coming, so I made my sister tape down this “train track” in our carport so kids could ride in the wagon (caboose!) or play with the sidewalk chalk in case they needed a breather from the craziness that was to be our house. The kids really loved it!

Does it look like we invited the entire city of Atlanta? Totally did. So fun!

The birthday boy!

Opening presents! We opened some at the party, but Tom wanted to play so we stopped that and he opened some later. We still have some waiting to be opened. See, this is what happens when your friends are very awesome and generous with gifts. (He loves them all so much. It’s adorable.)

Playing with his new “fire gin-gin!”

My friend Beth and Drew baby. Drew is matching the theme of the party! Now that is a boy after my own heart.


He sort of likes cupcakes in a MAJOR way.

You know how I mentioned it was supposed to rain all day? It totally didn’t.

Tom with his Gracie.

Runnin’ with Matilda!

After all that playing, it was time for another cupcake. He takes after Mommy with that logic.

Relaxing after a busy day with Laney. And a box of juice. Totally perfect.

He had the best time. *We* had the best time. I am so thankful we had so many family and friends there and I couldn’t be happier with how everything turned out.

Everyone made Tom’s day so special and I’m so happy he had such a good time!

(And seriously, can you believe he’s TWO?!)

Want to know how we put this party together? You do?! Perfect! I wrote another blog explaining how I made a train out of a bean can and pretended olives were coal. And other stuff. If you want to read all about it, please CLICK HERE!

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7 Responses to Tom’s 2nd {Train Themed} Birthday Party.

  1. Robyn says:

    It was a really cute party — and that last pic with Laney is adorable!

  2. Victoria says:

    It was an amazing party!!! You did a wonderful job putting it all together and Maxine enjoyed everything – especially your cupcakes. Thanks for inviting us and happy birthday again Tom!

  3. Kaye Smith says:

    Loved the pictures, your comments and everything. You are one talented lady, Kate.

  4. Looks like fun! And I don’t know who Laney is, but I love how her arm is around him.

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