A-B-C Is For Star Wars.

Tom takes after his FAH-ther in that he loves Star Wars.

When Tom was about 4 days old, Kev sat with Tom in the recliner so they could watch Star Wars together.

(Me: “Isn’t he a little young for this?” Kev: “No way!”)

So anyway, Tom loves Star Wars.

He hasn’t watched a movie all the way through or anything, because we still skip over about 70% of the scenes because they’re either too violent, too scary, or too boring (all the talking parts.)

Tom only wants to see the SPACESHIP RACE! Or R2-D2! Or WOOKIE! Or EWOKS!

But he loves it nonetheless.

One of the things he really loves is all his little action figures his Dad has gotten him and his Star Wars books.

And since he’s been a wee one, I’ve always read him his Star Wars ABC Book.

Thinking that a book about the alphabet would be an awesome way to learn his A-B-Cs.

And not thinking that…

a book about the alphabet + a Star Wars obsessed child may = some slight confusion.

Tom recognizes some of the alphabet.

Which is awesome!

What is kind of confusing?

He won’t say the letter.

He’ll say the Star Wars name.

For example, when pointing at the letter “A” he doesn’t say “A.”

He says “Anakin!”

“J” is Jedi.

“K” is Kaminoans.

“P” is Princess Leia.

“T” is Tie-fighter.

“W” is Wookie.

You get it, right?

He never says “B”!

He says “Boba Fett.”

What the?

At first, I thought it was cute, adorable and I was amazed he knew all that.

And then I started to get worried.

What the heck had I done to my child?

He’s going to go to school one day and know his Anakins, Boba Fetts and C-3POs but not his A-B-Cs!!


So I started singing him the ABC song every. single. day in the hopes he’d get the actual alphabet.

And now when I pause in the song, he will sing the next letter. (Whew!)

But when he sees a letter?

It’s still Star Wars.

But that’s okay, right?

I mean…he’s still completely genius! (Of course!)

It’s just that instead of spelling his name T-O-M, he’ll say it’s spelled Tie Fighter-Obi Wan-Millenium Falcon.

And I’ll just blame his Darth-Anakin-Darth if he flunks out of preschool.

Unless there is a Star Wars-themed preschool out there.

Which would be awesome.

The back of the book is his favorite and he will seriously point at each letter and name the character from the book. It’s scary/impressive.

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1 Response to A-B-C Is For Star Wars.

  1. Melanie says:

    This is a totally hilarious post!!! I’m sure Tom will learn to identify his letters just fine. And he’ll love hearing this story when he’s older and wiser. Soo funny!!

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