Bits: Park Weekend.

A couple weeks ago I took Tom to our favorite park to meet a friend.

He loved it.

As in, he cried when we had to leave because it was way past lunchtime.

Now, he’s always loved parks, but I could tell immediately that he’s got a new kind of love for them right now.

Mainly because he’s able to do more on his own.

All winter I’ve been taking him to a sort of indoor playground once a week.

“But outside is WAY better!” –Tom

Since the weather has been unseasonably warm, and his reaction to the park a couple weeks ago was so great, I’ve started taking him to our neighborhood park a lot.

A lot. A lot.

Days in a row.

It’s got a pond for him to throw rocks in.

It’s got ducks.

And geese.

And big rocks to climb.

And a train nearby that he can watch as it passes by.

Basically — it’s Tom’s dream come true.

And I meant to take photos of all of those things for you to see this weekend since we went both Saturday and Sunday.

But instead I took photos of him…

1. Enjoying the actual park. Which is pretty cute. (Not biased.)

2. Splashing in puddles. And standing in a water hole.


Still working on the whole, “Go up the stairs, slide down the slide” thing.

He’s pretty timid when it comes to sliding down by himself (totally my fault!) but he’s getting so good these days. He’s like a *real* boy!


He asked to climb this climbing wall and Kev couldn’t wait to help him do it. The cutest!

How many times did he run back and forth through this puddle? If you guessed 1,249 — you’re probably close.

He couldn’t splash in this puddle, so he just stood in it for awhile.

“There’s a worm in there!” –Tom

(We saved the worm, by the way.)

((From death. Not like we’re saving it in a scrapbook.))

(((I really hope you already assumed that, though.)))


Hope y’all have a great week!

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1 Response to Bits: Park Weekend.

  1. Jen says:

    I’m so jealous of your temperatures!! Ours have been warmer, too, but only enough to make it rain instead of snow… NOT an improvement in my book. 😦
    Haha @ saving the worm. I didn’t figure it was pressed in a scrapbook but that made me LOL.
    LOVE the galoshes!! I think we need to get a pair.

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