Conversations With Tom.

Tom has always had  a wonderful way with words.

When he was still going to daycare (3mo-9mo) his teachers asked me which one of us parents talked a lot because Tom “talked” all day long.

My answer was simply, “Yes.”

We talk a lot.  Tom talks a lot.

And I love Tom’s talking.

Lately, he’s been really talking up a storm and telling us specifically what he likes and doesn’t like.

When he’s telling you these things, by the way, he stares you down.

He is making sure you are understanding what he is saying.

He also won’t stop telling you what he likes or doesn’t like until you repeat it back.

He *must* really, really, really make sure you are understanding this.

So, with these guidelines in mind, here are how our conversations are going these days.

Tom: “I like stingrays.”

Me: “You like stingrays?  That’s great!”

Tom: “I like whales.”

Me: “You like whales.”

Tom: “I like sharks.”

Me: “You like sharks.”

Tom: “I like whale sharks!”

Me: “You like whale sharks.  Good job!”

Tom: “I like dragons.”

Me: “Oh, you like sea dragons?  That’s good, they’re like sea horses, right?”

Tom: “I like horseys.”

Me: “Oh, good.  Horseys are nice.”

Tom: “I’m nice! I’m a good boy!”

Etc. Etc. Etc. Etc. Infinity.

He also likes to tell us about his day if he spends time without one of us.

When Kev got back from a work trip last week, Tom ran up to him and said, “Grandma! PawPaw’s house. LaLa. I went fishin’! Runnin’.  Boo boo.  Bad root.”

Yeah, we went to my hometown, visited my parents and grandmother, we caught minnows in their pond, he ran around a lot, tripped on a root, fell down and busted his knee.

(You didn’t even need my explanation, did you?)

He will try a new food, take it out of his mouth and say, “I *don’t* like it.”

He really enunciates the “don’t.”  It’s kind of hilarious.

What I’m saying is, I really love that Tom communicates so well.

It makes him seem SO grown up to me, but I love being able to ask him questions and get answers.

I love knowing what he is thinking.

I love that sometimes when he wakes up from a nap, his first word will be “bubbles” so I know what he was dreaming about.

It’s kind of awesome.

Because sometimes, if I’m *really* good, he’ll say “Love you, Mama.”

Those words from that child?



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4 Responses to Conversations With Tom.

  1. Victoria says:

    Tom is an amazing talker! You and Kevin are wonderful parents to him. I also have to agree that the “I love you” is the best in the whole world!

  2. Nicole says:

    Those conversations are the best. Doesn’t it blow your mind sometimes that now at this age you can hold conversations (and get answers) from your child?

  3. waymel says:

    I loved that age. The fun of hearing what’s going on in their heads makes up for the exhaustion of following them around all the time and redirecting their energy in acceptable ways. Loved, loved, loved when Abby started talking (she talked early and nearly constantly).

  4. says:

    Kristy Yarbrough’s little girl Addy asked her if I was a part of their family. She said, well, she isn’t but she is a really good friend who spends time with us. Addy’s reply, well, I still love her. Totally made my week!

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