For The Love Of Mac And Cheese.

This week Tom and I ventured out to the grocery store just as we do every week.

But this week, unlike every week, when we started to stroll by the macaroni and cheese he began flailing about and yelling, “Mac and cheese! Mac and cheese!”

I’ve never made it for him or anything, but he has it out at restaurants and apparently wanted that fabulous restaurant meal recreated in our home.

Even though I explained to him very technically that the box of macaroni and cheese would *not* taste like the mac and cheese from Jim N’ Nicks — he insisted by grabbing a box off the shelf.

And holding it the entire time through the store.

And staring at it.

He wouldn’t look up.

He wouldn’t flirt with strangers.

He didn’t even care when we passed the ice cream.

He just held tight and stared at his beloved box of mac and cheese.

When it was time to check out, he cried when they had to take it to scan it.

He scared the poor checkout lady into handing it back to him as quickly as possible.

He wouldn’t even *pretend* to have a discussion with the nice man who helped us out to our car.

After the man asked Tom about 5 questions to absolutely no response, Tom finally said, “Mac and cheese! Home!!”

So he held it in the car.

And when we got home, I filled up a pot to boil water to make the mac and cheese for lunch.

(Why I didn’t make him grab one of those microwaveable cups, I have no idea.)

He begged for it and I told him we had to wait.

He cried.

Then I put the noodles in the boiling water and Tom asked to “watch it.”

I guess I couldn’t be trusted.

So I held him up so he could watch the noodles being cooked.

And then 10 (rather stressful, tense, filled-with-begging) minutes later…it was done.

I plopped Tom in his chair and gave him his beloved mac and cheese.

He loved it.

He didn’t care it wasn’t homemade or like the restaurant.

He loved it. Asked for seconds, thirds and fourths.

I began using it as leverage.

Me: “Eat this grape and I’ll give you more mac and cheese.”

*Tom eats grape.*

Me: “This. Is. Awesome.”

I finally had to tell him the mac and cheese was “all gone” (lies) just so he’d *stop* eating it.

So there you have it!

My child loves mac and cheese from the box.

Just like his Mama likes to make it.

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3 Responses to For The Love Of Mac And Cheese.

  1. Kristina says:

    That is hilarious! I love how we can use their favorite items as leverage for them to eat the healthy food….:) Addison loves mac and cheese!

  2. KD says:

    Ahhh… if only they felt that way about brussell sprouts and asparagus 🙂

  3. othervixie says:

    Love that he held onto the box the whole way through the store. At least you now know how to fill him up!

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