Bits: Baby Edition.

This weekend was full of visitors and wonderful weather and having a great time with our big boy and our little girl.

They really are the best and I’m having a hard time not gushing about both of them 24/7.

Here’s how our weekend looked…

I put Alice in her crib just to see how she looked in it. She looked teeny tiny.

Huck is in love with her and guards her. We’re actually working with him not being so protective — so her dad and brother can see her on occasion.

Brother and sister love.

Bathtime! She loved it, obviously.

Tom spent Saturday morning washing the pollen off his truck. Like a man!

Tom’s Daddy spent Saturday morning making a spaceship out of boxes. Like a crafty man!

Also? Tom really, really loves his spaceship.

Playing trains with Grandma!

Making PawPaw hold both my babies.

Smiling at Pops.

Little angel wearing a hat made by her Mimi and cousin, Madelynn!

This was one great weekend, you guys. I loved every second, and having both my kiddos at home is just the best feeling ever. Thank you so much for all the well wishes! You guys are the best and I LOVE you!

Hope y’all have a great week! LOVE.

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5 Responses to Bits: Baby Edition.

  1. redkeeney says:

    Sounds perfect! I wanna meet her, but I wanna give you some rest too. Let me know when things settle down and you feel like having guests. 🙂

  2. Rachel says:

    I just can’t stand how cute Alice is! That first pic just makes me melt. Yay for wanting guests. By guests, you mean me and two more children; right? 🙂

  3. Kristina says:

    Alice is just so beautiful! Glad you are doing well! Love the picture of Tom washing his truck! I can’t wait to meet Alice! Hugs & Kisses!!

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