Having Two.

As I’ve previously mentioned, before I had Alice I was scared of a lot of things.

I was scared about how I would handle two children.

I was scared about how Tom would react.

I was scared that the lack of sleep would kill me and I’d turn into a meanie.

I was scared about how her arrival would affect my relationship with Tom.

I was just…scared.

But in the past couple weeks, I got really excited and couldn’t wait to get the next phase in our lives started.

I couldn’t wait to meet her and see her and see how everything was going to work out.

And now she’s here.

She’s actually here!

And you guys?

It’s the best.

I love everything about having my two babies at home.

Alice is a wonderful baby.

Like…she’s a baby jackpot.

And Tom loves her so much.

He gives her kisses.

He gives her his cars to play with.

When he’s about to go outside, he’ll say, “Bye-bye baby Alice!”

He adores her.

Seeing them together is just an overwhelming feeling.

And seeing her — this tiny little thing — is just the most wonderful of times.

I’m really enjoying every moment.

She is so sweet, and sleepy, and content.

And he is so energetic, and loving, and hysterically funny.

I just couldn’t ask for more from my two little munchkins.

I know that I am a lucky girl to have such wonderful family and friends.

And I’m even luckier to get to be the mother to these two.

Having two is wonderful.

Turns out, I didn’t need to be scared.

(At least…not of the first week.)

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2 Responses to Having Two.

  1. Kristina says:

    I am so glad everything is going well for you! She is just beautiful! I knew Tom would be an amazing big brother!!!

  2. othervixie says:

    YAY!!! Sounds wonderful. I cannot wait to meet her and I am so happy everything is going so well. Big kiss and hug to all of your babies.

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