Bits: 1 Month Birthday Edition.

Alice turned 1-month-old on Friday!

Can you believe that?

I totally can’t.

In some ways it seems she was born only a couple days ago, but in most ways it seems to me that she’s always been here.

I guess I’m saying that I can’t imagine my life without my two sweet babies.

This weekend we mainly hung out around the house and it was great.

Both babies have been really good and had a wonderful week.

Here’s what our weekend looked like…

Alice mainly sleeps in her swing right now, but Saturday I caught her sleeping in her crib like a big girl. She only slept in there for about 30 minutes, but she did it! Cause that’s how one-month-olds roll.

He looks pretty cute, doesn’t he? Now, you may be wondering why he’s posing with his cars. If you guessed, “He’s happy that he turned them all to face the TV so they could watch the Chipmunks movie with him!” You’re right! He told me, “Cars watch Chipmunks.” He’s adorable.

Oh, and then he turned the rest of his cars to face the TV too. Don’t want anycar to be left out.


Tom got cuter.

Alice got cuter.

Tom shared a whole bunch of his cars and toys with Alice. Such a good big brother!

Alice played with them for hours…

(I kid. But she totally would’ve if she had any idea what was happening.)

One month old! I kinda think the bow plus the outfit make her look like she’s working out. Getting trim!

Little Alice with her big bunny.

Do you need to see all sorts of different types of photos of Alice as a 1-month-old? I believe so.

Pretty girl.

Hope y’all have a great week! LOVE.

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4 Responses to Bits: 1 Month Birthday Edition.

  1. Kristina says:

    Love Love Love the picture of Kevin and Alice! So beautiful! All Alice needs is some leg warmers and her 1 month picture will be complete!!!

  2. waymel says:

    She does look like she’s working out. Showing off her biceps! I bet she’s been getting tips from Robyn.

  3. redkeeney says:

    It’s true. I taught her to do curls when no one is looking. Planking is next!

  4. othervixie says:

    I cannot believe it is one month already!!! Time is flowing by. Such cute kiddos!

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