Lately, I’ve been thinking I really need to come up with some plans of action when Tom acts up.

We’ve entered the stage of 2-year-old life where he will run off and not stop when I say “Stop!”

Or where he will laugh in my face if I am “reprimanding him” by using my stern-mom-voice, which apparently isn’t very stern.

Or when I say, “Do not throw that apple on the floor.” He throws the apple on the floor.

So I knew I needed to put a stop to these behaviors, and having already learned that saying “Stop!” had no effect, I decided it was time to implement time out and the countdown.

You know what time out is — and so far, I haven’t used it too much honestly.

But when I have, it’s been very, very effective.

My child is pretty energetic, so I didn’t think he would even understand the concept of timeout and would immediately hop up and try to run off when I put him there.

But that’s not the case.

He totally knows and it makes him sad.

So sad, I don’t even have to leave him in there for hardly any time at all before he understands that he’s in trouble.

But the countdown?

Yeah, that doesn’t seem to be working so well.

The countdown is when the parent warningly says whatever they want their child to do, and then says, “One…Two…” and the child better do it before you get to three.

My friends told me this worked great for their kids, even though there was no real consequence if they *did* make it to three.

So I was anxious to try it.

But…I did it wrong.

I was changing Tom’s diaper when he began to kick.

(He does this as a fun game, he doesn’t do it because he’s mad or anything.)

((But, it still sucks.))

So I decided to try the countdown technique.

Me: “Tom, stop kicking. Stop it. Tom? Three…Two…………

*waiting for him to stop*

**he doesn’t**

Me still: “Tom? Three…Two…One.”

Tom: “Blast off!”

Yeah, he loved it.

He wanted me to keep counting down and was really happy his mom thought to play this fun game.

So, my punishment didn’t really work out since Tom thought it was a blast(off).

But in another way, it worked great.

He stopped kicking because we were playing rocket ship.

And everyone knows there’s no kicking in rocket ship.

Since then, I’ve tried actually counting down by saying, “One…Two…Three…” but that’s not working either since I’ve been working with him on counting anyway.

He just says, “Four! Five! Six!” and then I praise him for being so good at counting.

I probably should praise him for being so good at getting out of punishment.

And I will.

In Three…Two…


The smile of a child who loves a countdown.

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5 Responses to ‘Fun’ishment.

  1. redkeeney says:

    I love this a lot … and that face is priceless. How can you get upset at him when he’s so good at counting??

  2. Awesomeness right there!

  3. Kristina says:

    I know the feeling…especially with the kicking when changing the diaper. But that is hilarious with the blast off! As they say it is the terrible two’s!!!

  4. othervixie says:

    The blast off is too funny for words – I am sorry the counting did not work. The kicking is the worst – at least I can tell Maxine that it hurts baby Sarah and she will stop but Dave ends up having to put her in time out – pity he does not have a baby Sarah too!

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