Bits: Dylan’s Party Edition.

This weekend Tom and I drove down to my hometown to celebrate the 3rd birthday of the son of one of my best friends in the whole wide world.

Got that?

I’ve known Hillary since we were about 3 years old.

And guess how old little Mr. Dylan turned?

See how it’s all full circle?!

There were so many things that were great about this — seeing my friend, seeing her family, seeing Dylan having a blast, seeing Tom having a blast and spending time with just Tom.

Tom and I drove down Saturday morning and drove back up after the party (with a slightly delayed detour at my parent’s house, but that’s for tomorrow’s blog) and it was totally and completely worth it.

I’m so happy we were there to celebrate with Dylan and his super cool parents.

And I am thrilled that Tom and I got to hang out and play.

It was awesome.

Here’s what it looked like…

Tom quickly became friends with Sandy. I’m not sure Sandy wanted to be friends, but she had no choice.

This was a great activity and Tom had a great time! They just stapled some old Christmas wrapping paper to their fence and let the kids paint it! It was super cute and fun.

It was so cute and fun, I had to show you another angle. That’s Dylan beside Tom.

All the kids were given bug boxes and had to hunt all the plastic bugs and lizards that were hidden in the yard. Tom loved this activity so much, he started collecting them before we were supposed to. (Rebel.)

This is what a boy looks like.

Me and Herely.

Other kids are partying, Tom’s mowing the lawn.

Tom is sitting in the birthday boy’s abandoned chair to make sure he has a prime view of the new toys.

Playing with the loot.

Pinata! Tom loved this and carried it around long after all the candy had been emptied.

Sweet hug from the birthday boy!

And I couldn’t leave Alice out! So here’s her wild weekend…

She attended her first Renaissance Festival! This is her at the joust. (She loved it.)

And this is her smiling and laughing and looking all cute. Like always!

Hope y’all have a good week! LOVE!

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