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Singing Twinkle.

Alice loves to sing. I know she’s only 3-months-old, but every time I sing she smiles. And most times she joins in and sings too. She’s a great singer — she’s got what those in the music industry call “a … Continue reading

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{Almost} Wordless Wednesday.

This week, Alice met another of her great-grandmas! Kevin’s grandma from Illinois flew down to spend the week in Georgia with her great-grands, which meant that Alice got to meet her for the first time. It took only a quick … Continue reading

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Baby, Baby…Baby?

When we decided to have children, we decided we wanted two. When we had Tom, we still knew we wanted two. When we got pregnant with Alice, I was scared to be a mom of two, but it was still … Continue reading

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Bits: Throw Up Weekend.

I did a lot of things this weekend, but none of them were particularly photo-worthy. Why? Well, because mainly what I did was try to catch throw up in my hands and then did lots and lots and lots of … Continue reading

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Just A Dinosaur.

Tom likes to watch a show on PBS called Dinosaur Train. There is one episode that he has become obsessed with and it entails the little family of dinosaurs coming across what they think is a big dinosaur in the … Continue reading

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{Almost} Wordless Wednesday.

Sometimes I get bored. And when that happens, I take pics of Alice. Because she’s super. (SuperMODEL!) LOVE.

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Parent Practice.

Two of my dear friends are expecting their first baby (a boy!) in October. I cannot tell you how excited I am for them. This baby is a totally loved child already. I am super stoked and cannot wait to … Continue reading

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Bits: Father’s Day Weekend Edition.

Happy Father’s Day to my awesome, wonderful, funny, amazing Daddy! You know what’s also cool about my dad? He set such a wonderful example, I married someone very similar to him. And guess what? He is *also* an amazing dad! … Continue reading

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The Amazing Flushing Toilet.

You know how people are always saying that children help you appreciate the simple things in life? They meant things like flushing toilets. You thought they meant lightning bugs, the moon, the ocean, swings, dandelions, ice cream and lemonade, didn’t … Continue reading

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Confident Mama.

The past couple weeks I’ve been struggling a bit with Tom. I felt like I was getting incredibly frustrated with him and I couldn’t figure out why. I didn’t know what had changed. I didn’t know if I was just … Continue reading

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