Bits: Spending The Night Weekend.

This weekend was Tom’s first overnight trip to his Aunt Amy and Uncle Kyle’s house!

And it was also the first time he was going to spend the night somewhere just because.

He’s stayed with my parents and my in-laws, but it’s always been because we needed to be somewhere without him — like a wedding in Florida or in the hospital to have a baby.

(Totally minor things!)

So this was the first time he was going to spend the night somewhere just for spending-the-night’s sake!

Amy and Kyle are awesome parents to three of their own, so I wasn’t worried about them handling Tom.

And Tom psycho-loves his cousins, especially his lightsaber-partner Reese, so I wasn’t worried about him having a good time.

But I was just a wee bit worried about how he would sleep over there.

Would he take a nap in his pack-and-play?

Would he sleep through the night in a new place without us?



Totally yes!

Amy and Kyle said Tom did great and I’m sure it’s because he had THE. BEST. TIME!

I’m so happy he went and had fun.

I missed him terribly. Terribly!

I almost didn’t even know what to do with myself.

(Yes I did. I slept till 8 a.m. on Sunday! Go, me!)

I cannot thank Amy and Kyle enough for coming up with the idea and showing him such an awesome time.

We’re so lucky to have such awesome family close by.

Here’s how it looked…


A hug from Reese.

Lightsaber battle!

A hug from Laney. Amy and Kyle said she cried when it was time for Tom to leave. Awwww!!

Uncle Kyle reading a bedtime story.

And playing a concert for Tom’s bedtime song! Kyle is showing us up!! Love it!

Tom had the time of his life and I’m thrilled!

What did we do?

We just watched this little button…

Look at that iron grip she has on her little bird!

Yeah…don’t mess with my baby!

Hope y’all have a great week! LOVE!

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