The Amazing Flushing Toilet.

You know how people are always saying that children help you appreciate the simple things in life?

They meant things like flushing toilets.

You thought they meant lightning bugs, the moon, the ocean, swings, dandelions, ice cream and lemonade, didn’t you?

They did.


Flushing toilets.

Which I never thought of as something to be really excited about (except that one camping trip that required outhouse usage) until Tom pointed out how totally awesome it was.

This is how the conversation went…

Tom: “Wow! That’s AMAZING, Mommy!”

Me (laughing): “I’m glad you think so. It *is* amazing!”

And then he almost put his face in the toilet because he wanted to watch the water go all the way down.

So I gently nudged him out of the bathroom and as we were leaving he randomly added…

“That’s a great idea!”

Yes. Yes it is, Tom.

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