Just A Dinosaur.

Tom likes to watch a show on PBS called Dinosaur Train.

There is one episode that he has become obsessed with and it entails the little family of dinosaurs coming across what they think is a big dinosaur in the dark.

Buddy the dinosaur screams when he sees it, but then they quickly realize it was just a tree that looked like a big dinosaur.

Every time it happens, Tom says he is “scared” but then as soon as that part passes, he says “Again!”

So we’ve been watching it a lot and I’ve been explaining to him not to be scared because, “It’s just a tree.”

Yesterday, we were watching that episode again and I was holding Alice and she could see it.

Tom loved that Alice was watching the show with him.

When the “scary” part came, Tom ran up to Alice and said, “Don’t worry, Baby Alice. It’s just a dinosaur!”

Yes, Alice, don’t you worry about gigantic dinosaurs.

Nothing at all to be concerned with.

If squishing baby Alice with love would save her from dinosaurs, she’d be really, really safe.

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2 Responses to Just A Dinosaur.

  1. Kristina says:

    That is just precious! Love the picture…Addison looooves dinosaur train as well!

  2. othervixie says:

    That is too sweet. Tom is an amazing big brother

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