Baby, Baby…Baby?

When we decided to have children, we decided we wanted two.

When we had Tom, we still knew we wanted two.

When we got pregnant with Alice, I was scared to be a mom of two, but it was still exactly what we wanted and we were super thrilled.

Right before Alice was due, I got SO scared that I thought having two was a terrible idea!

And Kev said, “Ummm…too late.  You’re due next week.”

And so we have two cute, wonderful, adorable, amazing kids.

But as soon as Alice was born and I looked at her sweet face and saw her sweet personality and how amazing and beautiful and smart and perfect she was…

I wanted more.

More babies.

More of this.

More love.

More sweetness.

More cooing.

More smiles.

More snuggles.

More new baby smells.

(The good ones.  Like soap.)

More moments between siblings.

I totally forgot how scared I had been at the thought of two and all I could think about was that I…

Must. Have. More. Babies!!

I told Kev this.

His sweet response?

“No. No more babies.”

But, wait!

I’ll take care of them!  I’ll feed them!  I’ll bathe them!

“No. No more babies.”



So anyway…boo.

Even though he said that, I still kept talking it up.

“We could have just one more…”

And Kev would say, “No.  We have two!  Two is good.  Two is great!”

But here’s the thing — I agree that having two is wonderful and I love it.


There is nothing I feel is missing from our family.

I do feel incredibly lucky and blessed to be the mother to my two sweet things.

The problem?

The problem was/is — Alice is growing.

I am freaking out that she is growing.

My sweet, cuddly, wonderful baby is still small.

But she’s bigger.

She’s still little.

But she’s grown.

And I am having a hard time accepting that this will be my last little baby.

Before Tom, I was scared to death of babies.


I kind of psycho-love them.

(Especially mine.)

I just cannot believe this is the last time I’ll have a sweet little baby in my arms looking at me as their mama.

It’s super addicting!

I explained this to Kevin.

Kevin, I need more babies because I love babies.

“No. No more babies.”

And *then* he said…


(I knew I had him! More babies!!)

“How about this? You can get another puppy!”



(And then I’ll convince him the puppy needs more babies to play with.)

Remember when her hand was teeney? It’s huge now! (Photo courtesy: Greg Hogan Photography)

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6 Responses to Baby, Baby…Baby?

  1. When I saw the title, I thought you were going to tell us you were pregnant!

  2. Kristina says:

    So cute! Love the pic! Have another…you make beautiful babies!!!!

  3. redkeeney says:

    I thought maybe you were already on your third too! Give Kev a little more time…. maybe you can still convince him….

  4. Victoria says:

    Hehe. I hope you convince him. You make wonderful babies

  5. Jody Gelsthorpe for Betty Worrell says:

    Grammie says Alice makes 28 great grandchildren for her. She thinks it would be nice for you to bring her up to an even 30. Talk to Kev.

  6. Judy Malloy says:

    Kate, having babies is like eating a delicious pizza! How so? It’s oh so good, you just always want one more piece. But sooner or later, wisdom steps in and tell us STOP!

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